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  • Do I Really Need a Retainer After Orthodontic Care in Brooklyn?

    Published On Wed, 14th of June 2017

    Once braces are removed, the number one question patients ask is, “Do I really need a retainer after orthodontic care in Brooklyn?” It does seem odd, at first, that after wearing your braces for ...

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  • Caring for Braces in Brooklyn Should Not Give You a Headache

    Published On Tue, 28th of February 2017

    Braces help in fixing teeth that are close together, crooked, or too far apart. They can also be used to solve overbites or underbites. However, wearing braces means extra care. These devices ...

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  • braces downtown brooklyn

    How Long Do I Need to Wear Braces?

    Published On Mon, 12th of December 2016

    Orthodontic treatment in Downtown Brooklyn, NY, whether treating a mild or severe case, is often a lengthy process. Whether you are a child, teen, or adult, orthodontic care takes some time to ...

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  • orthodontist downtown brooklyn

    What Is the Perfect Age to Begin Taking My Child to the Orthodontist?

    Published On Mon, 5th of December 2016

    As a child develops, one of the first things parents begin to feel concern about is their child’s oral health. Dr. Sue Liebman of Brooklyn Orthodontics in Downtown Brooklyn, NY is often asked if ...

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  • invisalign brooklyn

    How to Decide if Invisalign Is Right for You

    Published On Sat, 3rd of December 2016

    Orthodontic patients in Brooklyn, NY are looking to the team at Brooklyn Orthodontics to treat their orthodontic issues with Invisalign clear aligners. Dr. Sue Liebman knows that the ...

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    Six Tips to Pick a Braces Provider in Brooklyn, NY

    Published On Sun, 20th of November 2016

    Finding the perfect braces provider in Brooklyn, NY can be a time-consuming and oftimes difficult process. Dr. Sue Liebman of Brooklyn Orthodontics has come up with a few tips to help ensure that ...

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  • orthodontist-brooklyn heights ny

    Besides Braces, What Else Does An Orthodontist Do?

    Published On Sun, 13th of November 2016

    Dr. Sue Liebman and the team at Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics in Brooklyn Heights, NY offer their patients a variety of orthodontic treatment approaches that help ensure the best possible ...

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  • invisalign downtown brooklyn

    How Long Do I Have To Wear Invisalign? 

    Published On Sun, 6th of November 2016

    Dr. Sue Liebman and the professional team at Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics are the experts in Downtown Brooklyn, NY for orthodontic treatment using Invisalign clear aligners. Treatment with ...

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  • braces-downtown-brooklyn-ny

    The Perfect Age to Get Braces

    Published On Sun, 30th of October 2016

    Folks with orthodontic problems in Downtown Brooklyn, NY can benefit from treatment by a professional orthodontist at any age. Your teeth are unique, just like you. Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics ...

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  • how old is too old for braces

    How Old Is Too Old for Braces?

    Published On Sun, 23rd of October 2016

    Dr. Sue Liebman and the team at Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics near Caroll Gardens don’t want prospective orthodontic patients to think that they are “too old” for braces. Starting from the moment ...

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