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  • tips to find orthodontist

    Before You Choose an Orthodontist, Read These Tips! 

    Published On Sun, 2nd of October 2016

    Most people think of braces when they think of orthodontic care, but there is more to it than that. Orthodontists are specialists who treat oral health care issues related to misaligned jaws and ...

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  • what-foods-can-i-eat-with-invisalign

    What Foods Can I Eat with Invisalign?

    Published On Sun, 25th of September 2016

    Dr. Sue Liebman and the professionals at Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics are used to advising their patients about food restrictions during orthodontic treatment near Caroll Gardens. Their patients ...

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  • when-can-my-child-get-braces

    When Can My Child Get Braces? 

    Published On Sun, 18th of September 2016

    While orthodontic treatment can start in patients as young as six years old, it is less about what age one can get braces than it is at what age they are ready for braces. Each child’s teeth ...

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  • what-is-an-orthodontist

    What is an Orthodontist?

    Published On Sun, 11th of September 2016

    An orthodontist is a dentist who has undergone special training to treat facial and dental anomalies like malocclusions (an abnormality in the alignment of the upper and/or lower teeth), similar ...

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  • invisalign-right-for-you

    How to Decide if Invisalign Is Right for You

    Published On Sun, 4th of September 2016

    Orthodontic patients near Boerum Hill, NY are looking to the team at Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics to treat their orthodontic issues with Invisalign clear aligners. Dr. Susan Liebman knows that ...

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  • taking-my-child-to-orthodontist

    Five Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Wearing Braces

    Published On Sun, 28th of August 2016

    Dr. Susan Liebman and the team at Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics provide orthodontic treatment for kids with braces near Boerum Hill, NY. They know just how to help ease your kids anxiety about ...

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  • Can Orthodontics Fix My Speech Impediment?

    Published On Sun, 21st of August 2016

    Did you know that chronic speech problems can be caused by the misalignment, or malocclusion, of your teeth? Dr. Sue Liebman of Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics in Brooklyn Heights, NY knows that ...

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  • pre-teens-get-invisalign

    Can Pre-Teens Get Invisalign Too?

    Published On Sun, 14th of August 2016

    There is no “yes-or-no” answer to the question “Can pre-teens get Invisalign, too?” The decision, ultimately, will be made by the patient’s parents and their dentist or orthodontist. As long as ...

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  • Five Tips for Choosing a Braces Provider in Brooklyn

    How To Brush and Floss Teeth with Braces

    Published On Sun, 7th of August 2016

    Dr. Sue Liebman and the team at Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics in DUMBO, NY are orthodontics experts and can help explain to you why you should always maintain good oral health by brushing and ...

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  • taking-my-child-to-orthodontist

    When Should I Start Taking My Child to the Orthodontist?

    Published On Sun, 31st of July 2016

    As a child develops, one of the first things parents begin to feel concern about is their child’s oral health. Dr. Sue Liebman of Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics near Boerum Hill, NY is often asked ...

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