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  • Braces Brooklyn NY

    Affordable Braces Near Me

    Published On Fri, 18th of October 2019

    Are you looking for more information regarding affordable orthodontics including affordable braces near me? The chances are that you are questioning how to make great treatment more attainable. ...

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  • 10 Tips for Braces Pain Relief

    Published On Mon, 16th of September 2019

    Orthodontic braces are now more comfortable than ever before. Braces are a tried and true method of aligning your teeth. It is no secret that braces may take some getting used to. There can be ...

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  • braces-downtown-brooklyn-ny

    Fun Things to do in Brooklyn!

    Published On Thu, 1st of August 2019

    Have you been searching for some fun things to do in Brooklyn? This borough of the city has a great amount to offer residents. Besides focusing exclusively on great orthodontic care, Brooklyn ...

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  • braces near me

    Braces Near Me

    Published On Fri, 5th of July 2019

    Where Can I Find Braces Near Me? At Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics we specialize in orthodontic treatment such as braces and clear braces in Brooklyn NY. Our team is dedicated to providing the ...

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  • invisalign near me

    Invisalign Near Me

    Published On Wed, 5th of June 2019

    Where Can I Find Invisalign Near Me? Our team at Brooklyn Orthodontists is dedicated to providing patients the most knowledgeable and experienced orthodontic care available. Dr. Liebman is a ...

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  • orthodontist near me

    Orthodontist Near Me

    Published On Wed, 22nd of May 2019

    Are you searching for an orthodontist near me? A smile is an essential piece of maintaining a good appearance and overall health. Not only do straighter teeth look better cosmetically, they also ...

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  • invisalign vs braces

    Invisalign Vs. Braces

    Published On Thu, 18th of April 2019

    Where Can I Find Out About Invisalign Vs. Braces? Our team at Brooklyn Orthodontists specializes in providing braces, clear braces, Invisalign, and Invisalign Teen in Brooklyn NY. As a leading ...

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  • invisalign vs smile direct club brooklyn

    Invisalign Vs. Smile Direct Club

    Published On Sun, 17th of March 2019

    Are you having trouble deciding between Invisalign Vs. Smile Direct Club? At Brooklyn Orthodontists, we are dedicated to educating our patients about the latest treatments and offering affordable ...

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  • invisalign clear aligners everything you need to know

    Invisalign Aligners – Everything You Need To Know

    Published On Sun, 17th of February 2019

    What Is Invisalign Made Of? Invisalign removes the need for uncomfortable materials such as metal, wires, and elastics. Clear aligners consist of a smooth thermoplastic known as SmartTrack ...

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  • Dr. Liebman is Featured on WCBS NEWSRADIO show “Health & Well-Being” with Pat Farnack

    Published On Wed, 30th of January 2019

    Dr. Liebman was featured on the WCBS NEWSRADIO show “Health & Well-Being” with Pat Farnack! She spoke about the importance of having straight teeth, and the interview went ...

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