Figuring Out the Right Orthodontics Plan for You

Figuring Out the Right Orthodontics Plan for You from Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics: Susan Liebman, DMD in Brooklyn, NYCorrecting oral health issues with orthodontics is a big step that involves lifestyle changes. Orthodontic treatment requires a shift in the daily routine of the wearer of an orthodontic appliance. If the wearer is a child, then you, as a parent, will also have to make adjustments.

So, before you take the leap to pursue orthodontic treatment, you should find out what to expect from the process. Let us start with how orthodontics work to create a healthy smile.

Orthodontics work on dental health for the long term

Orthodontic treatment aims to realign the teeth to correct one or more dental or oral health issues. Most patients who need this type of treatment have the diagnosis of a bad bite. In more severe cases, the oral health issues extend past the teeth and into the structure of the jaw. Here is how orthodontic treatment works to improve the look and function of the teeth.

A dentist will prescribe an appropriate orthodontic appliance to reshape and reposition the structures that support the teeth. These appliances use gentle but constant pressure to move individual teeth into new, more desirable positions. The same pressure can reshape the jaw, more so in younger patients.

Patients with severe issues sometimes require surgical or dental procedures before they start to use orthodontics. Patients with minor issues require a vastly different approach. Here are a few of the factors that will determine the ideal orthodontic plan for an individual.

1. Age

Dentists customize orthodontic treatment plans to make allowances for the age of their patients. The dentist will take a conservative approach for a child under the age of seven. They will limit treatment to the extraction of teeth that obstruct erupting teeth and stick to monitoring for the rest of the time.

Older children with moderate orthodontic problems make excellent candidates for braces. Image-conscious teens and adults may opt for clear or tooth-colored orthodontics.

Age also determines the length of the treatment plan. Children, teens, and young adults respond faster to orthodontic treatment.

2. Severity of the oral health issue

A person with slightly crooked teeth could use veneers to straighten their smile. They could also go the route of light orthodontic treatments, like a few months of clear braces, followed by a few months of retainers.

In contrast, a person with dental problems that extend to the jaw may need dental procedures or minor oral surgery. After healing from the corrective procedures, the patient can move on to an orthodontic appliance.

The duration of treatment will depend on the age of the patient. It will also depend on their diagnosis and the nature of their ideal treatment plan. All these factors require a dentist’s evaluation, diagnosis, and recommendations.

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Let us work with you to craft the ideal treatment plan to upgrade your smile

Our dentist has years of experience in creating ideal smiles with orthodontics. If you want to enjoy the advantages of a straight and functional smile, get in touch with us.

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