Discover the Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment for Teens in Brooklyn

The teen years can pose particular challenges regarding self esteem, image and confidence, and those related to your teen’s smile and tooth position, health and jaw function, don’t have to be among those adding to the anxieties of this stage for your child or adolescent’s development.

By the teenage years, most permanent teeth have grown into place and the structure of the jawbones has formed. Issues of spacing and crowding are best treated when both baby teeth and permanent teeth exist to help regain or create the space needed to fit your child’s jaw but there are any number of options for treatment even after all permanent teeth have come into place.

The proper treatment and the best time to begin can only be determined through a consultation and examination by Dr. Susan Liebman. She is a board-certified orthodontist who spent her childhood growing up in her father’s dental practice. Since then, her lifetime goal of having the same knowledge and skills as her father to change people’s smiles and improve their appearance and self-confidence is achieved every day at Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics. Dr. Liebman, with the compassion of being a parent of two herself, is well aware that treatment begins at whatever point her patients present, with the unique combination of life events and demands that all must factor into providing the best treatment possible for the long term health and well being of her patients while being something they can easily manage with.

Self-Confidence Gets a Boost from Orthodontic Treatment

When your son or daughter exhibits a reluctance to smile, or shies away from selfies and group photos, the underlying reason can be dental related. Teen treatments that remedy conditions including overbite, underbite, crossbite, or protruding teeth can boost your child’s self-esteem and build a new confidence in themselves. The “tween” and “teen” years are when an adolescent’s psyche is at its most fragile. Recognizing oral health problems and pursuing remedies can go a long way to making a young person feel good about themselves.

Taking That Big Step Towards Better Oral Health

After speaking with your child and coming to an understanding that orthodontic treatment for teens in Brooklyn can turn their whole life around, the next step is to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Liebman at Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics. Along with a thorough examination, Dr. Liebman will listen to your child, respond to their concerns and answer any questions before she designing and recommending a proper course of treatment which can involve braces, and can take various forms including metal, tooth colored,(clear-ceramic), Invisalign, clear aligners, removable and often taking a shorter amount of time than braces used to.

Combat the Stigma with Straight Teeth

While braces might have at one time made kids self-conscious, braces are now perceived as merely a stepping stone towards a healthy smile for later in life through adulthood A great smile and healthy teeth play a key role in a patient’s health, appearance, and self-confidence in any type of setting. Healthy, straight teeth are to be desired and admired, and the sooner teen treatments begin the longer lasting the benefits will be. Dr. Liebman will help you determine what course of treatment is best for your child. Duration of treatment is determined by the existing condition of the teeth. Early evaluation and close monitoring of oral development are recommended to reduce the length of orthodontic appliance wear so your child can achieve a beautiful smile in less time.


If your child understands the need for orthodontic treatment and you want and you would like to learn more about the various options available, please schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Liebman on line or by calling Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics at 718-622-6741.

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