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Orthodontic braces are now more comfortable than ever before. Braces are a tried and true method of aligning your teeth. It is no secret that braces may take some getting used to. There can be some mild discomfort as your mouth adjusts to this new hardware. To alleviate discomfort, Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics has come up with 10 tips for braces pain relief. You can start to implement them immediately and find pain relief from your own braces.

1: Rinsing your mouth with warm, salty water may help alleviate some of the pain that comes along with new braces. As teeth are being straightened, braces direct them into place which can cause some discomfort. Warm water can aid you in this process.

2: Dental hygiene is a big deal when it comes to preventing further discomfort. By practicing solid oral hygiene, you are able to care for your mouth and also prevent other oral problems that may arise. It is very important that you care for your teeth well during your time with braces. Pay attention to detail and make certain to gently scrub behind and between teeth for a healthy mouth.

3: Being thoughtful of what you eat is important. You want to be sure that you follow along with the guidelines for what food and beverages are and aren’t a good idea with braces. Avoiding foods that may displace your braces or cause you additional discomfort. Shift your focus to eating soft foods like fruits and veggies. This will also alleviate some inflammation if you have any in regard to your gums.

4: Orthodontic wax is a great way to create a comfortable barrier between the soft parts of your mouth, and any metallic orthodontic hardware. By utilizing orthodontic wax you are able to ease and prevent irritation within the mouth caused by your braces.

5: Orajel or another toothache soothing gel can be applied directly to sore areas in the mouth. This is proven to aid in the common toothache. This method is also recommended as a relief for the discomfort caused by braces.

6: Advil or other aspirin can help reduce inflammation and also numb pain caused by irritation or adjusting teeth.

7: Much the same way that heat can have a positive pain-relieving effect, so can using ice! Applying an ice pack to particularly sore regions of the mouth can provide a much-needed reduction of inflammation in the mouth. Also, ice can provide a great soothing effect for the whole mouth.

8: Drinking ice water is also effective. much like applying an ice pack.

9: Gently massaging your gums with fingertips is a great motion to practice. Be careful to avoid rubbing your inner mouth with the sides of your brackets and wires or other hardware while doing so.

10: Patience is a virtue. In most scenarios, pain generally subsides on its own within a short amount of time. Simply getting used to the hardware can be the mission for the first month, as well as initially when you get your braces tightened. However, if you experience any troublesome pain that isn’t being relieved with our 10 tips for braces pain relief listed above, perhaps the best thing to do is to make an appointment with Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics. If you have any questions or concerns, there is never a better time to contact us than now!

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Have you been searching for some fun things to do in Brooklyn? This borough of the city has a great amount to offer residents. Besides focusing exclusively on great orthodontic care, Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics also focuses on bringing our community together. We know there are many fun things to do in Brooklyn, NY and we want you to smile inside and outside our office!

Brooklyn Museum:

The Brooklyn Museum provides a window into the artistic landscape that Brooklyn has to offer. By encountering all different art, visitors to this museum can have various experiences! Always holding to the utmost example of curatorial excellence, the museum works to accurately and always by promoting connectivity. By shaping viewers perceptions of art, history, culture, and more, Brooklyn Museum upholds the vision that much like Brooklyn comes together as a community, ideally, the idea is to do so on a worldwide scale. If you have an interest in visiting the Brooklyn Musem, you can view the collection to see what we have going on, and to learn more about interesting exhibitions.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden:

Join Brooklyn Botanic Garden for Summer Wellness Sunday for four outdoor sessions. Finding a connection to nature, your inner self, as well as your community is all part of these events. There is still one more session to get involved with. Aside from this, there are always abundant plants in bloom to check out. Gardens at Brooklyn Botanic Garden include Cherry Esplanade, Discovery Garden, Fragrance Garden, Japanese Hill, and Pond Garden, Lily Pool Terrace, Shakespeare Garden, Water Garden, and many more!


A culinary favorite. With over 100 different beers on tap, Spritzenhaus is a bar in Greenpoint well worth checking out. Complete with a wood-fired oven, this bar doesn’t just satisfy a thirst for beer, it accomplishes a feat across the palate. Pretzels, sausages, and other bar classics adorn the menu at this marble countered bar in Brooklyn.

Luna Park:

Luna Park located in Coney Island has rides, games, shopping and more to explore. Ride the Coney Island Cyclone, Zenobio, or the Sling Shot just to name a few. Take part in fun arcade games or other challenging games of skill with your friends or family. Coney Island is a historically famous place to visit in Brooklyn if you haven’t already!

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